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  • "This is the part that really scares me." Why is that, Matt? He was just racing, not rushing an organ to save a life.
    Hello just seeing if by chance u have any phots from vegas rounds 1&2 jr2 &jr1 my son won jr2 on sunday and wasy looking for some pitcures 460&260
    thanks jodie winkler
    If I remember correctly you collect these. I found this on a mazda forum. Its from the chicago auto show...

    The only times I wore shorts in 2009 was a funeral and loorrs. Youve seen it many time.

    Did you mean pants? I'm confused... lol
    Hey Kartman, I did reply then he took a jab and locked. I was unable to get back on till today. I wanted to set record staight on our terms, plus some who read may have not gone back to the post, thus the post I wrote. Thanks Dan
    You seem to attract a lot more flak than did I in my heydey, more big brother/police state/corporate liability fears out there now. Does this technique work anymore? I would shoot the "official" with a 35 or 50mm as I whipped out my mini-cassette recorder and started interviewing: What's your name? What's your employee #? What is your supervisor's name? What's his name? Why are you interferring with my work. I am NOT big and intimidating.
    Matt, back in the 80's when I shooting SX and off road with Tri-X, folks would think I was a bit loony with shots I'd take with short lenses, esp near jumps. I'd reply that vehicles in the air didn't scare me, it was the ones on the ground that often gave me pause 'cuz no matter the attitude, I knew the airborne vehicles' trajectories. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hey Man, It was fun talking to somone who follows F1 and knows what they are talking about! Glad I got to share my birthday with you. Lets do it again!
    thanks matt. yea me and my dad read that in time. I ended up going with BH. thanks a bunch
    hey whats up man it was nice meeting you over at the beavers house. you probly dont remember me but im gabe. what race you taking pics at next
    Yeah I got the map and stages from last years race. Ill see what I can do to get you a course book from last years event as well, if not I will scan the maps into my computer and email them to you....
    Sounds good, let me know if their is anything I can do to help you out for the rally and Ill see what I can do.

    Ah cool, I am pretty good buddy's with the president of the rally in Prescott and he said he thought you had shot it once before. Anyways it should be fun I have been out pre-running the course and their should be some pretty awesome spots to shoot and some scenic stuff as well. Hope it works out for you to shoot the rally.

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