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  • Matt,

    I am curious if you are going to shoot the Prescott Rally this year on October 2nd and 3rd. I know you have shot it once or twice before and since I am running it in our pre-runner I was curious. Let me know as I am sure if you do Ill be buying some photos.

    F1 thread in Pavement section has the vid. Happened so fast, if you blinked you missed all of it. It was qualifying too so you wont have the race spoiled.
    i love your photos. I always look for your thread to see what you have in store for me to look at. Just wanted to say that i really admire and look up to your work. I see you as one of my heros in the photography industry. Keep up the good work!
    I am planning to come out. Not sure where yet, will prerun when I get there in the afternoon.
    Matt are you coming out to the night race 2morrow? If you are where are you planning on going to what RM?
    Hey im looking to get a caloge of my 10 car done for fathers day! u took a pic of me on top of my car at tech friday coul;d u give me a calll i love ur work and would love to work something out 909 578 8293

    thanks a bunch

    I thought I read somewhere on here that you have a camera for sale. How much and what is it?
    Hey Matt, I was wondering what kind of camera do you use? I was thinking about getting a Canon SX10 IS. I don't want anything special, just something that takes pictures much faster than the Nikon I got now. I had a 1600 car roll right in front of me last weekend and it would have made a great sequence shot if I had a camera capable of doing it. Ant opinions you got would be helpful. Thanks.
    quick .. block out your address on your thread you just started about off roading being in a mag... MO might send you a present !! either way it might be a good idea
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