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  • hey what's up.. long weekend huh.. well anyways i was just wondering if you had a few pix of car 1129 "howard motorsports" .. he was stuck in the silt right next to you.. actually he was stuck long enough to dig a ditch, gather bushes, jack the car up, and...for you to give him a business card!! haha .. ya we had some bad luck after pit 3.. feel free to email me any you might have mrnissan05@hotmail.com
    Ahhhh do you think I could get any pics you have of me?? Had the NIkki Six makeup and hair??? If so could you send the pics to my email?? Tylerhouse14@yahoo.com
    were you the guy taking pics of the guy passed out at the tree bar with th girls **** in his face and all the other people??
    Matt call me ASAP, I do not have your # or email but have the info you need for your trip.
    hey i want to accept you invite to media only but when i click and it takes me to it there is no button to accept??????????
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