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    Contingency-BAJA 1000

    Right? As much as it kills me to see all these awesome pictures and videos while on this side of the border and not there, I must see more!
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    Which Class is best to start Racing off road

    CLASS 11! They will go through anything! :D And everyone loves them ;)
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    RECORD 250 Ensenada to San Felipe

    I know it, it just wasn't possible for my dad and I to participate in the WSOB this year. It's only worth if you attend all the races to get the chance at winning the big money. I love that KC got that started though, definitely has brought a lot of 11s out! I will try and get with my dad to...
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    RECORD 250 Ensenada to San Felipe

    This would be SO worth it for our class 11. I'm kicking myself, the RECORD and CODE races are prime for class 11. CHEAP entry fees, always a huge group of competitive class 11 cars ready to race, and you get to race in beautiful Baja. What could be better! Planning on getting our stuff together...
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    Wheelie Wednesday Photos

    This picture is way too rad. The class 11 looks awesome and even the little wild flowers at the bottom make for a great picture!
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    ACER 2015 MINT 400 VIDEO

    He speaks!! I still think he is a rad dude. Keep doing what you do Acer.
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    HEY! I'm Kayla and this is my story

    For sure! It's hard to find local off road people sometimes, especially girls! lol find me on facebook and we can keep in touch :) Kayla Strait @KayStrait Instagram
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    Mint 400 Go Pro Shots of Vintage Class

    Not a problem. I thought if I'm spending the time to go through all this footage might as well take a couple of screen shots of the some of cars we got. They turned out pretty neat!
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    Mint 400 Go Pro Shots of Vintage Class

    Just sent all my memory card to Mad Media. Maybe they will use our footage! When we get them back I will see if we can edit all the footage to do a video ourselves.
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    Mint 400 Go Pro Shots of Vintage Class

    I just went through a bunch of our go pro footage from the Mint 400. I got some cool rear view shots of the vintage class that started behind us! I figured this was place to share it.
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    Official 2015 BITD - The Mint 400 - Thread

    I haven't seen too many pictures of the Mint 400 parade or contingency on Fremont. Does anyone have all those misc. pictures somewhere? There was a time during the parade right at the end when it turned onto Fremont St. our bug got caught behind BJ Baldwin somehow. I know someone had to have...
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    MINT 400 AM Race pics

    These are awesome. Any of the bugs? #4722 Get More Wraps Bug
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    Tommy Gun Images' Mint 400 PHOTOS

    Aw man :( Bummer I love your shots! So good.
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    Tommy Gun Images' Mint 400 PHOTOS

    Any of the bugs? 4722 Get More Wraps Bug