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    Acer sticker bomb

    This has now stooped to fat jokes...o_Oo_O
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    Acer sticker bomb

    Well I'm pretty sure his crew fixed it. Being as I was the one who built and fixed it along with the co driver... Lol thanks for the help putting the tire back on
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    Acer sticker bomb

    What a class act those Mills guys are.... Douche
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    IV250 wheel found

    That is our wheel, talked to Pete. We will pick it up in the morning thank you!
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    GreenArmy Takes On The Mint400 **VIDEO**

    I may be a little biased, but that Is one of the baddest cars out there!
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    Mint 400 piks

    Sorry B-dub.... We had some ecu issues on the first lap and couldn't get it sorted out
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    Hudson Hall is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow... You guys bashed Jerry Welchel and Camburg for the seatbelt issue... This guy didn't even have a helmet or suit on!! Not very professional IMO
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    Johnny Greaves Class One FOR SALE???

    It's hard to keep up...
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    Johnny Greaves Class One FOR SALE???

    He has actually had 3. The original one that is now Chase Motorsports rear engine. The car Justin has he owned for a second. And now he has Jamie Hodgesons Mid engine
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    Johnny Greaves Class One FOR SALE???

    When he bought the car it was testing for the first time. He went out with Scott schovajsa and bought the car. Scott never even took the car home. Laughlin last year was the cars first race.
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    Johnny Greaves Class One FOR SALE???

    I believe Justin Davis won Laughlin , and the 1000 this year in a brand new car. Won the championship also?
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    2012 Off-Road Swap Meet

    That is Grove lumbers car.
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    Battle at Primm Room

    So i was able to get a room for last night, but seems all 3 hotels are sold out tonight... Does anybody have any extra rooms they aren't using or cancellations?
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    RGM support Hummer

    I drove and rode in the H1 for the 2010 Dakar and it is not the most comfortable vehicle to be in for 5000+miles... at all, it was actually miserable haha. i dont think the H1 is very neccesary anymore since the rally moved to South America since the support vehicles pretty much stay on the...
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    Cass 1 race at RATR, WHO'S GOING TO WIN?

    No live feed this year?