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  • Nah man i worked last year over there in riverside.i just moved back to yuma but cst decided not to race this year cause of the hole money deal. Yeah well i know jake, he was a fabricator for pflueger. Cst used to sponsor pflueger when he first started off.
    I worked with CST . i helped a couple of teams also in the area i just moved to az.
    No i don't know them, yeah i'm going to be going out there and hanging out, let me know if they need any help
    Yeah they can alsways sue help, i will talk to my cousin and let him know, especially if your an EMT that's an asset to any team, but i will keep you posted......Are you going to the MDR for New Years?
    Drive a toyota tundra as a daily driver, but the fun toy is a 2002 yellow silverado with a velocity kit and deavers, full cage, blah blah blah all that fun stuff!
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