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  • Hey KK good to finally meet you and have some beers with you and your crew. Thanks for all the help, advice and everything else yall did for us this weekend. Looking forward to the 1000.
    Hello Kent, Great racing at the mint! What is next up on your schedule? Would love to get another great turnout of trucks. Thanks Mike
    Hey Kent , Nice work I love the way Dodge is on the come back, and you keep on pushing these trucks futher and faster
    if theres any way I can help, please let me know ? I would like to see more Pics and Vids .
    Any time'' WJ 2000 Jeep prerunner
    The new class 8 and the Ramrunner both look awesome. Hopefully Topor Dodge over here in WMass puts a 'Runner in their showroom

    Hey Kent,
    Yes, I have a Ram 1500, it's my daily mule, will there be a kit to retrofit with this 14"of front travel you got on the Ramrunner? I keep popping out the axles....and it don't swimm either.
    Kent, great post on the C8's, but believe me, 50 is not too far, its the new 30 don't ya know?
    Thanks for the compliment I was hoping that the content of that post would not be lost. I'm sure some will not understand it's true meaning, already witnessed by some of the weak replies to it. Peace out
    No your wrong its not I know you are but what I am, its "Im rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!" LOL The smack talk is awesome!
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