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  • Wow. I remember this forum. Last post was in 2009. Who’s still here and remembers me? Troy, Doug, Eddie, cbrdoll, Sam Berri, and all the other wonderful lovelies.
    hay whats up i just checked and seen you wrote it was nice meating you as well you going to primm if so see ya there
    yes i know you speak like this, i dont bloody behave wtf is have anyfugginhow?
    The weather is bloody beautyfull ! Baja 500 is about 1 month away, then we have vegas to reno.
    You ready to jump the pond again? you are welcome at my house.
    addios herrmano.
    Hey YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope your enjoying a few pints to say the least!!! I will catch up with you soon! been kinda crazy round here! but just wanted to wish you a good one!!
    Hey Kevin!
    You missed a good time at the may wanna shoot for that one next time you come to the states, tech thru Freemont Street in Vegas basically was 4 days of festivities all leading up to race day! Best time ever! Hows things in the UK?
    racing or anything???
    Hey Kevin!
    I will do my best to send u some California Sunshine!! Snow...that is crazy right now! Been off roading in the snow or anything?
    You need to show us peeps over here your ride???? Hey its Friday! Hope your enjoying a pint or two!!! Cheers!!!!
    Knowing them they are probably taking the piss on the "BRO" thread you started....with your should be happy having a custom..sure beats could be should of seen some theyve given to peeps in the past..."Im Gay" , "I love my Daddy" "Loves me some Josh" etc etc....its all in good fun! I will try and send you all some sun this weekend ;)
    LOL Kev....they must like you on RDC they gave you a custom title! Hope all is well in the UK! Weather is just starting to get good here in the desert, 70/80's in the 10 day you know what that means Time to RIDE! woo hoo!
    You need to post a piccie of your ride for us Yanks here.....
    hey mate, hows jolly ole england? im glad you survived the "Sin City" i call home.
    Hey it was great to meet you also!! No I wouldn't say EVERYONE is crazy but quite a few are... it's part of the sport :D We just happened to be standing around an EXTRA crazy part of the bar! Glad you had a safe trip home!!
    Hey Kev! Great meeting you and Gary at BAP! (hope I got the names right!) Sure was alot of crazies at the TreeBar! Well hope you two enjoyed your stay in the states and your flight home was a safe one! Keep in touch and Cheers!
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