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    well it depends what your voting on or reasons for one way or the other.heres my take to anyone that cares.I've raced both series and for excitement I vote score- your right baja mill,terribles cup,laughlin. my vote for best organization is bitd- casey and diane run a organized and safe...
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    CORR PRO-SPEC Officially Approved

    this is the perfect class for guys like me ,who have been racing for a long time but have no truck experience.I'm not scared too race the best and given a little seat time could be very competitive. but a 150 k thats not affordable.not knocking anyone ,everyone wants a piece of the action.just...
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    Terribles Cup starting grid

    yea dan ,but how many has he won?:eek:
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    1505 involved in fatality at the 500...

    what a surprise-not! I hope we're learning a lesson here.get out while you still can,mexico is becoming a big problem as i see it. I'm vacationing in the usa.:mad:
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    Trophy Truck Race in a Hick town??

    hey jesse that is the coolest show i could imagine.right on- man your making a difference.:cool:
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    Fastest 1600 driver pt. 2

    all of the guys listed are fast and can win on any given day. But if i were going bet i'd bet rob mac.look at the record Im just glad he's not racing single buggy.:eek:
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    single buggy video

    Does anyone have any single buggy(dune buggy) video .If so could you be nice enough to post it. thanks;)
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    CORR Chula Vista Home Run!

    Well this weekend was fun-nominal.It was very sweet it was my own backyard.I just want to know why nobody really wants help sponsor the buggie classes.We put on a really good show,wrecks every lap.I could really use some help paying traveling expenses.So, if there anyone listening that has the...
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    Names for the jump @ The Quarry

    i'll second either "pucker peak" or 'fig mountain" they both have a nice ring to them.;)
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    the quarry

    hey troy i hope i finish these two rounds. my front end is in need of a complete overhaul. Just trying to get through these two races. oh and my torsions let me tell you my car is ready for the scrap heap. jajaja. track looks so awesome. oh thanks steve c. yea stop by i'll be short handed this...
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    the quarry

    our cars dont have the speed the trucks do ,i'll have too see the jumps and see if i can go for it.my car being a desert car has a little better chance of handling bigger jumps and bumps.can't wait-I'm going to go "fig" off that jump.sorry rob hope your doing ok.:D
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    the quarry

    wow is right , went by yesterday i cant wait to get on this. this is going to separate the boys from the men or the girls from the women.sean kennedy told me he ripped off his pivot on his rear trailing arm. thats intense! this track is what the x game are compared to the olympics.it will be...
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    the quarry

    anyone got any photos or video of practice. I couldn't make it due to work but i'll check out the track after work.:)
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    racing in the usa

    After reading about all this C??? thats goes on with racing in mexico. I'm am so glad corr is Racing in the USA. I really miss racing in mex and I really want to race the Baja1000 Its getting to the point were i'm just not sure its worth it as a racer. I'll go down as tourist no problem,you...
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    Single Buggy Available to Rent for Chula Vista

    he did very well for his first time out. he told me he has some go-cart and sports car experience. who ever rents it is getting a good car.seemed like that car was allways in front of me.:D