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    Rage at the River LIVE

    Really cool man! Thanks for stepping up to take the coverage to the next level! Kenny (1422race)
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    Rage at the River

    MORE no longer has the vehicles come to a complete stop. Its a (I believe) 10 MPH zone through timing. Works perfectly
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    SNORE/MORE McKENZIE'S Rage at the River : 300 entries and growing!

    If they open the hill back up the drive is worth it. Last year the spectator area was confined to the small area by the infield. It was packed an you couldn’t even get on top of the small dirt mounds behind the grandstands without the sheriff being called. It’s a great race though and if the...
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    Texas, utah, colorado guys need input

    Thank you guys for all the replies. My wife and I have read them all and they all helped. Someone talked about private lands in texas and the fact they aren't really desert like. I just got done spending many years building my 1450 desert truck and have no thoughts of selling to join a different...
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    Texas, utah, colorado guys need input

    We are tired of living in california and have the option to transfer to any of these states. I want to be able to continue using the race truck and enjoying the desert but have no idea when it comes to these states. Are there deserts (real good driving / racing) deserts in these states that are...
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    Should 1450 be a PRO class?

    Do Snore and More have one number sheet? What I mean is, if your say 14xx in More, does snore have the same list or do you have to run a different number for each org? Thanks!
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    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    Anything new on this subject? Thanks!
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Thank you for all you did to help other riders Oscar. Your account of the situation is chilling. I cant imagine what you must have felt being on scene, I was in California listening tracking online and felt sick to my stomach for team 232X. I remember very clearly the 232x chase saying the...
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    TY Klaus but to your second part, the people on scene were asking for a helicopter. That tells me that we can assume who "was on scene" wanted a helicopter?
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    I'm sorry... but how do you not sent the helicopter to pick up a body / have a medical professional declare death? You just leave it? Am I missing something? Why was there not a emergency declared when the chase said they couldn't reach him on the sat phone after he said he was dizzy? Or did I...
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    "You should know when to slow" "And if you blow a turn your ****" Its racing, you blow turns....
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    McKenzie's 250 RV camping spots

    Thank you all very much. It was a fun race to watch, my son and I had a blast!
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    McKenzie's 250 RV camping spots

    Jason thanks and you hit on something, staying away from the course. I am always very careful of that. I know that there is a minimum distance and as long as you are at least that far, the race promoter can really say nothing... BUT! I saw some spectators at the Motion Tire race that were parked...
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    McKenzie's 250 RV camping spots

    Thank you very much for all the info. I will be in a 4x4 jeep and will feel comfortable going anywhere. I will check those spots out for sure! Are there any hard to reach areas you can think of that make for good spectating? Thanks again!