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  • Hey Killian, Thanks for the reply, I raced with Denny Falls and Clay Flippin in the 40+ EX class and we got 2nd. Like I said, we got the (1) at the podium but that's it. They can be sent to our office here in Vegas or I could pick them up if they're local. Our address here at F&F Trenching is 2530 Marion Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89115. Thank you so much, after losing by 33 seconds those little medals help ease the pain HAHA
    I am late to the banner party. If a Justin Lofton banner is available I would like to get it for him. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Heck Yea
    IF you still have the lofton banner
    2nd choices would be frietas or prescot/10 car one
    3 the retro black and gold one. Thanks
    @JEFF_DICKERSON Can you check the Lowrance and Garmin maps off the NV Bridge (entire loop through main pit and back). Most of the route posted isn't on trails and I believe you are running most of the course SNORE just ran at BAP (at least that is what the pdf shows). When I compared to the PDF you guys posted tonight, there is a large difference. Thanks for the help.
    Kilian, How about a mention that I Steve Rountree and Kevin Conlin will be back to defend our title as the 2015 Mint 400 vintage class winners. Also my Dad Don Rountree won the Mint 400 in 1973. If you want a little more info /back story I would be more than happy to provide some more information. Thanks.
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