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  • Thanks. I sent the article to the user group working on JV. I also posted it on facebook and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing/
    Thread was re: grant program, and I was concurring that a headline like "Pistol Pete: BANNED from CA Desert?" would draw hits.

    Glad to hear Aaron is continuing to improve. Infections must be overcome, one by one.

    I'm wearing his shirt right now. And a friend is head mechanic on an open wheel racer in some national series and his driver and engineer are both paraplegics, still racing anyway, any day, they can.

    Thanks for the update and message!
    Howdy Kim! Reading your last post re: Grant, I think you may have misinterpreted my post re: coilover88*.

    If so, let's discuss, if not, your silence will indicate your reply in the negative as to any issues.

    BTW, still proudly wearing my I Helped Aaron shirts, and they are holding up well.

    But how is he doing? An associate mentioned seeing a racer who was racing with issues similar, made me think of Aaron.


    * I had no comment, but wanted to bump your thread up higher.
    On your post in the thread about the insurance claim on your 4runner, I saw you mentioned you're in the high desert, and that your mechanic is Mike. Meehan by any chance?
    ill be walking tech all day.
    ill have a black shirt on, across the chest, wife will have same shirt on.
    i will come buy the fast-aid booth. ask Dan, Lucas, Loomis, J-Rod, etc they know me.
    Happy birthday Kim... Hopefully you get to feeling better... thank you for all of your volunteer service and environmental help you do for the entire offroad community... we appreciate it very much
    I might be able to get something like that for you. Let me work on it
    Thanks! I wish I knew graphics so I could combine all the current closures, fed, state and county, in black, proposed in red, and then contrast that with a map circa 1970. That would really show how much we've lost and how little remains. Or would that be too depressing? :( That news from the Senate was bad enough!

    Do you know of a map that shows lands open to OHV's from 40 or 50 years ago? California or the West? Maybe that would be an effective graphic to grab peoples' attention. When I think of where I could ride in 1970... and still being jealous of the Apple Valley High kids that could ride their dirt bikes to school...

    It is really sad how few have fought the land use war and how few appreciate those few.

    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Yes we will be there, I hope to see ya there. Our table should have fines Double Racing on it. Please say hi.
    I would like to talk to you about the tracking issues and how we may help to improve that service to the racers
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