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  • Hey Kim, finally remembered to touch base with you here on RDC. Lot's of changes I hear at FAST-Aid but should be expected. Can't wait to actually meet you in person. :) Dana
    Hey Kim! That was great, your offer to Wrightwooders. Still wondering what you saw in Newsweek that made you think it was claiming white babies were more racist than babies of other races. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    I hope it's a stubbed thumb and not Ken's health. My apologies if I'm too impatient, my wife sends me to the garage when I get what she calls hyper and I deem manic.
    Kim: I hope Ken is feeling better. I know a 67-year-old that had a severe stroke three years ago, spent several months in hospital, but today can do a jig and work in the AZ heat. He did his own research and decided to forgo the pharmaceuticals due to all the side effects and started using marijuana instead. He made a presentation complete w/molecular breakdowns to his Stroke Survivors Group, but the powers-that-be threw him out. He's recovered incredibly while the rest of the group is drooling and fighting side effects. I know this story is anecdotal, but I thought I'd pass it along, as maybe it could be of some help to Ken and you. If you want the man's email address let me know.
    that is too funny, i met kaye a few times before they moved. steve and i used to be good friends and he helped me build my first prerunner. very small world!!!

    kaye used to go to school with another guy on rdc, belden alivio, who also grew up in cc right across from the high school.
    the 70's is a little before my riding time, but i am not that much younger than you. i grew up in venice (my parents still live there) but went to pali high and graduated in '90. you might know the familtons (dean and kent), phil arechiga (four aces guy) and/or steve eskridge, all these guys went to culver about the time that you did and all ride in the dezert.

    i am a smc alumni and my wife and mother both work at smc. the westside is a very small place, especially when you have been here your entire life.
    i am in carlson park, braddock and mentone. i know a few guys that spent a lot of time trying to get onto the ccfd but never quite made it, it was during all the affirmative action in the mid '90's. i think the only guy i know that is on the dept is louis louis, my brother used to work at "dirty parts" in culver city and louis used to hang out there. not many dezert people in that part of the city, all my neighbors think i am nuts with all my loud toys!!!

    so nice to meet you kim (i assume from the sig), i am ollie penchansky. i just sold my class 8 truck to jimmie johnson but i still have my ktm and my kids ride too. and i am not done with dezert racing yet, i just need something more economical, if that makes sense.
    I work for the city of Los Angeles, Department of Building and Safety, Code Enforcement Division. The office is 3550 Wilshire Blvd. It's one of two identical 20-story all-black towers, (the other is 3580), and it's two blocks west of Normandie. Right in the heart of Koreatown, so the smell of kimchee breath lingers in all the elevators :)
    That is so cool. I had no idea we had those albubs. I added some pics.
    I posted them for you.

    FYI you can upload them into your personal gallery than post them.
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