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  • Alrighty .. the problem is that this guy has money sitting in his paypal account that he wanted to simply transfer over...

    Don't have a pay pal. People have been sending checks made payable to Aaron to my PO box. I am collecting them =, making copies for me and Aaron so we can send thank you notes. I think I sent you the info in a PM from the D-37 site.
    Hey Kim I need Aaron Horsley's paypal account information. I have a friend ready and willing to donate ASAP.
    Staying at River Palms. Will do. We are in white ford ranger with backboards and score magnets. You do the same
    Where are you staying, kim? i am at the Edgewater... i will be out on the course tomorrow - look for Lucy the Super Blazer haha... if you see me, call me on the radio and i will come over to you and say hello :D Have a safe drive - I'll be out there late afternoon...
    Thanks Matt. That was really helpful. She loves retro art, world war II era, Rosie the Riviter that type of style and she is very good at it.

    I just got her a CAD program to install on her compter and get familiar with. Thanks again.
    it depends on what industry she wants to work in. Im in the automotive graphic design industry mostly, wich is all computer based or what ends up being computer based. i hand draw alot of my stuff i scan it in and digitalize it so its clean and professional looking but yes there are many graphic artists who do hand illustrated work. The problem is technology becoming so much more popular and the trends are constantly changing and everybody wants digital work. I would suggest to anybody wanting to be a graphic artist to get good at computer illustation. Adobe Creative Suite has everything she will ever need in her career. adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator are the two programs that will be of the most help to her.
    encourage her to keep going with the hand drawing but the chances of being successful without using a computer are very slim. I actually didnt go to school to learn im self taught for the most part and ive had help from the owner of the company i work for. i basically was his apprentace and now i have over 5 years of work experience and im barely 21 years old. I wish i would have gone to school though. This industry is very difficult to get a high end job. most employers want at least 3 years work experience AND a BS in computer graphics or web design.

    also my advice for her would be to develope her own style but dont be too repetitive, and build a very good portfolio with as much content as possible. the more the better.

    if you have any other questions let me know ill be more than happy to tell you guys everything i know
    Wow, thank you. I contacted Lucky back in late November asking him if I can be on his show. We are working out the details now. I have lots of old school desert racing videos that we can take bits and pieces to show exactly what people in the thread you sent me are talking about. I have lots of ideas and will be discussing them with Lucky.

    Thank you for pointing the thread out to me. I'll jump in in a little bit. Have to run out for a few minutes.

    ya i know what you mean..we used to live in oak hills on the east side of the 15 but had to move to the west due to losing to that development that was put in on main and topaz...and look where that got..only like four houses sold...i'll try to make both but will make the Ontario one for sure. thanks for your time and commitment
    hey just a heads up, I tested out of one of my business finals so i will actually be going to the Ontario meeting.....hmm....maybe i should do both....maybe
    hey, for the victorville meeting should i bring anything or just show up to help increase our numbers..thanks.
    You still plugged in?

    I'm trying to help a couple worried wives. Both riders have had IRC failures

    Bikes are 263X and 270X

    I'm trying to figure out who they are pitting with and am hoping you can ask Bob to try and find them the old fashion way?

    I'll be watching the thread so feel free to reply there.

    Thank you! And I'm not even a member of the NRA LOL... Whatever it takes to keep us all informed and our public lands OPEN - I'm all for sharing :D
    Hi. This RFL Jim. Yes the film will be available for sale in DVD format. We just ran our second printing of 1000 copies. It has been selling really well nationwide. If you don't mind, if you are going to participate in the Dual Sport Ride, you might want to get your application in to RSVP. The rDual SPort Ride is starting to fill up.


    RFL Jim
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