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  • yeah.. let me know if you guys get prices, I wouldnt mind doing it or splitting the cost with you guys.... I sold my evo... I used to work for honda, so I was thinking of getting a lil civic hatch back and just fixing that up to burn tires with! hahah I have enough parts to build a lil track day car with a V-Tec motor
    I did all the schools when I was little first starting off.. I want to go to the Vermont school... uhhhh SO BAD
    I have one CRG Chassis...... that I ran K1 80cc in the SKUSA Pro Moto Tour.. Had moto 125's and 125 Icc's but sold all the BS .. im trying to locate a Stock cr 125 motor on a chassis just for fooling around with!
    R.I.P Evo!! WWAAHHh! I used to be a road racing fool! I think we had this convo before... raced shifter karts for 7 years and ran a Formula Ford 2000 also.. and tested a Formula BMW
    I saw you mentioned thunderhill in a thread today. we are racing there for the 24 hours of lemons. we have a huge thread going in the whatever section. you should come cheer us on if you are in the area the weekend after xmas.
    That's rad that you found Ken's gymkhana edit... I didn't realize there were so many people into subies on here. I was actually the director of cinematography for that whole shoot, as well as shooting all the rally stuff for subaru. Our crew also shot the commercial for the '09 WRX and WRX STI (the two that feature ken and travis in the silver cars, the school one and the buy stock in rubber one). Anyway, cool deal.

    You are HILARIOUS!!! My neg rep towards you is just as called for as yours is towards me...get over yourself!
    LOL!!!! You libs LOVE freedom of speech until someone says something you don't agree with huh!?!?

    have a good night Kimmie
    Seriously, you're a lost cause. A brick wall is more likely to get it than you are.

    All the stuff you're accusing me of and think I'm wrong for doing...YOU DID ALL THE SAME YOURSELF!!!

    And don't forget, in your DL group it was mentioned that you guys would all gang up on the conservatives and neg rep us, so quit your sniveling.
    Please show me where in my post in your thread I said that YOU called anyone a name and I will apologize and retract my statements.

    Or just go crying to the admins like you are...

    So much for freedom of speech when people don't agree with you huh?
    LOL!!!! You're so ask me not to engage in behavior that you yourself have no problem engaging in!!!
    "So, I would appreciate it if you stopped spamming my profile, rep, etc. THANKS!"
    Then you go and neg rep me!! So, it's ok for you to do but not me right????
    You DO try to force your beliefs on the rest of us then cannot handle what we have to say in return...
    One more thing, you make such an issue over the 22 million you say the LDS church gave to the Yes on 8 fund...

    How much did your beloved Obama spend on his campaign...and how many charitable organizations would that much money have helped???

    You claim to be "open-minded" yet are so very intolerant of anyone who does not share in your views.
    I gave you negative rep because you are asking for the majority of Californians to be acceptable and tolerant of a minority view...calling us "narrow-minded" or bigoted doesn't help your cause either.

    Funny how you think my views and comments are unacceptable, when you are trying to force your unorthodox beliefs upon others.
    Oh I don't like missing races:( Speaking of, no I won't be at Vegas to Reno...are you guys going? I wish, but too much time to take off work right now...
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