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  • Hi Klaus,
    Can you give me the phone number to who ever is responsible for the classifieds. I have sent several emails with no response? Or have them call me please.
    Best way to contact me is via Private Message or better yet email. my username at the sites domain is the address.
    I was told to post in one of the forums for advertising for RV rentals and someone said it has to be verified or approved, do you see one from me because it says I have no conversations started? Thank you so much for your help..
    Ron our sales rep will email you. Thank you.
    It is that time of year when I reach out to product manufacturers with hopes of obtaining some donations for our annual club event. This years event will be Nov. 7th and 8th.
    If there is anything that you could send in support of our event it would be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Tony McCollum
    VP AzBaja.com
    12138 W. Dove Wing Way
    Peoria, Az 85383
    Klause, I was asked to update the class 10 numbers for a new class 10 owner. For some reason I can not post now on the class 10 forum. Can you fix this please?
    Hi Klaus, I would like to change my screen name, I'm told you're the man to ask.
    I'd like to change to my real name - Tim Morton
    klaus, is there anyway that a group of racers could post without all the other people posting, i dont post because it always goes the wrong direction. thanks Todd
    Sorry to hear that your posts get derailed. Our moderation is a fine balancing act between freedom and censorship.

    We have a Trick Truck subforum that is hidden and only available to drivers.
    How often do the Classifieds get updated?
    Daily. However we also travel to lots of off-road events and on those days we may fall behind a little bit. @Curtis Guise currently approves all ads.
    können Sie bitte bitte gefallen öffnen verrückte Freundinunterstützung? dunno I, das uns heraus verriegelte. aber auf Thema, war ich verstehe nicht, warum es irgendwie verriegelt war
    preview picture = picture 1 of your three images. edit ad, upload 3 new pictures.

    For feature ads its a manual process. We use your photo 1 for the feature ad picture.
    Hey Klaus,
    Just wondering how I can change my preview picture for my classified add?
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