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  • I am the driver of trophylite 6065, could you please add me to the trophylite forum. thank you
    Hi Klaus,
    My classified ad posted under jobs and service (10 acres in Ocotillo Wells off of Split Mountain Road (APN # 253-360-26). It is supposed to be a featured ad - Invoice ID #1108. Can you please help me get it posted there? Also maybe more appropriately placed under Motorhomes and Trailers than Jobs and Services?
    Hey Klaus,
    My ad in the classifieds including the feature ad has disappeared???? I had an ad for a 4 seat Alumicraft prerun car and it no longer appears on the site. Receipt # 5266-5082-6887-5119 placed on 6/10/08. Help please.
    Hi Klaus,
    I have tried to post my motorcycle in the classified 2x in the past few weeks. Why isn't it showing up?
    I think I may have just signed up for two of the top featured ads I meant to sign up for one my ad number I would like to be in the featured ad is 4438
    been trying to buy a feature classified forever. everyone else seems to get them but me. there is two spaces available but nothing in the store. how in the heck do i get a feature ad??? thanks Tim
    We don't take reservations on feature ads. They will be listed in the online store as they become available. There will be a mailing list coming where you will get email reminded once there is an opening. Until then, keep checking the store.
    I'd like a featured classified as well!!!! I've been trying to get one for a couple of months now with no luck, you should raise the price of them.
    Thanks on the purple forum idea. I have been watching all the political postings and while I find some interesting point of views it is annoying on a automotive forum. Hopefully this way people can stay out of purple that don't care for politics. On a side note I feel that we are powerless anyways and that there is no big difference between the two parties offered to us. They all lie. Its like having a choice between BK or McD when you realy want to eat in a restaurant.
    I want to set up the suspension on my 2006 Tundra to be able to go out in the dunes and desert and make it back home and use it for a daily driver. My biggest problem is that I can't spend our household money to do it. I am willing to trade some of my website domain names for the suspension and labor to have it installed. The domain names I have are : DirtVideos.com , SandVideos.com , OffRoadFab.com, WFOsports.com, OffRoadShops.com and OffRoadDirectory.net - - If you know of anyone in the industry that would be interested in making the trade please have them contact me - My cell in 310-429-2985 and my email is : dirtvideos@gmail.com

    Thanks for your time.

    Paul DiGiaimo
    I applaud you for starting the purple forum. Now it has it's own place where it won't distract the rest of us from having fun and talking racing. How long do you think it will last? LOL!!!!
    Hey where can I get some freaking HUGE RDC stickers for the side back windows on my 1996 Bronco?
    Klaus, I got thrown out of the DA. Is there any chance of an invite into the super secret club.....I understand if I don't fit the club description. Just thought I would ask.

    Hi Klaus;
    I love your guys web site when I can get on it. All but two of My listing are screwed up. I hope you guys can work out the bugs soon.This is a great place for us desert nuts. Jerry
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