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    2021 SCORE Baja 400 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    The pay off for Class One are lower. The fastest qualifying C1 still has to start behind the slowest TT. SCORE starting position strictly adheres to classes unlike BITD that starts based on qualifying speed irregardless of class.
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    2021 SCORE Baja 400 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    ohhh that will make it interesting.
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    Race Results 2021 VORRA

    Official 2021 race results for the VORRA desert racing series. VORRA races and results include the Glen Helen Short Course, Hawthorn 275, Yerington 250 and Yerington 300. Here you find race course maps, live tracking, and when available official qualifying results and results based on class and...
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    Never Forget...

    Some girl called me that morning and I rushed to the TV to see what is what. Glued to the tele-lier and listening to the same experts telling me more or less nothing the video feeds self explain I stepped away from all screens that afternoon and went outside for a walk. The world seemed forever...
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    Politics and anything covid related absolutely needs to stay in Purple only. Those one liners....the smirky truth bombs and breadcrumbs of what might be going on in the world. I know lots of if comes from a place of good intentions yet it is inappropriate. In Purple anything goes...Any truth of...
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    News Crandon Hosts Another Epic Weekend Of Short Course Races

    Class11s in Crandon. Looked like a wide field of a class as well. Epic to see
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    Welcome to The Showroom

    Yes it is. Its priced slightly below our regular banner starting packages. For companies (or individuals) that want to target AND engage the forum community.
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    Speed Pre-Order

    Banning people no. Less political one liners outside purple yes. Purple is one not-click away from anyone not seeing it. Appreciate the feedback
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    Speed Pre-Order

    We don’t censor on this forum especially if the post in question is presented polite and factual. The offended entity whose feelings got hurt is always welcome to counter post and rectify the offensive post. They generally wont and instead threaten us with legal actions. Bark bark and no...
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    Fun with Classifieds!

    Water logged?
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    R.I.P. Chet Huffman

    Very sad news. The few limited contacts with Chet where very courties, polite and professional. Sincere condoles to the Huffman family.
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    Opposed Piston Engines

    HA! Yeah I suspected that. This engine concept has been around for a very long time and we don't see it in consumer type production vehicles yet. Conspiracy me says it's because it uses less fuel consumption and less engine maintenance. Real world me says it's not economically beneficial to...
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    Opposed Piston Engines

    When will we see them in Off-Road Racing ?
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    What ever happened to R.Acer?

    Grand entrance. Pico exit. Happens all the time.
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    News Casey Currie / 2021 Sertoes Rally Stage 4 Recap

    Some good content on the official YT channel. They interviewed our guys at one point. I saw rolled over cars, one on fire and some epic v8 sounding yota? POV.