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    2020 Mint 400

    I havent been to Mint in 7-10 years, every racer I talk to who does race it almost says the same verbatim thing year after year "the race sucks but we HAVE to race it for our sponsors"...what exposure is out there vs any other race that this is actually an accurate response with ROI to prove to...
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    Cost of Race Photo's

    I’m willing to bet you misinterpreted his reference. How much were you haggling over? If it was similar to the price of a wheel and tire you just throw away when flat in the desert that’s a perfect comparison. Baja can’t be compared to stateside races for photography. Every Tom dick and hairy...
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    SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 Accident in MSM

    Comparing this incident to one flipped in the US with a native mexican killing two americans is an ignorant comparison since the US has due process and legal until proven guilty. We have illegal mexicans killing americans(Kathryn Steinle)in non accidents walking scot free here. Cut the crap...
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    On Topic Cam 302 Ford Bronco

    Since its speed density, choose wisely.
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    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    Casey was never a fan of spectating or outside support, which is actually pretty awesome but the over hyped mint marketing crew persuaded him with $$$$ and year after year they let those who think they are going to watch some awesome racing down, sounds like this year no different. The thread...
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    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    and spectating will NEVER be good in the states even for an over hyped 31st mint race with pay for tickets. Sounds like all the people who were done wrong with the spectating need to head south to baja. The last good spectating in nevada at a big race was the primm 300...and even that went lame...
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    3.75" coil spring OD

    depends on the wire diameter which depends on lenght and rate...wire diameter has a wide range pending application. They hold the ID so it fits coil hardware, the OD is reference. If your design is that tight...make more room.
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    50th Mint 400?

    Who cares about some race in Nevada?
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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    in an 18, several wheels are available with good backspace as shown above by Scott Running a 17" wheel leads to cheaper tires, more cushion, and who runs 18's offroad? Cmon Scott! Options in 17s are slim...Tundra TRD forged wheel is a killer option but hard to come by and expensive and will...
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    Baja 1000 Photos - Frog Canyon

    Cactus was shooting video. I didnt see any photogs.
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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    standard production wheel...
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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    If you run the proper wheel and align for max caster (easiest with an adjustable UCA) you can run a 35 without hacking up the body mount. ICON Alloys makes a specific to the tundra 17" wheel for this exact reason, nobody wants to chop up their frame. ICON also makes a 3.0 internal bumpstop...
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    Does Verizon Wireless work well in Baja for the 2017 Baja 1000?

    Verizon on iphone 6s with cdma off worked as good as my tmobile device. The unlimited plan from verizon with mexico and canada for $85/month was a good choice. I just wanted to update this thread since I now know that so long as CDMA is turned off for roaming, Verizon is = to my experience with...
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    Most impressive team so far

    Was there any doubt this team of badasses wasnt going to stomp everybody in front of them other than the fastest of the TT's? With a start with the TT's they probably would have been top 5 OA 4wheel vehicle if not better not having to combat a bunch of class 1s in the way. Kudos/congrats to them!
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    Suggestions on 4x4 prerunner?

    Ultimate Sleeper Bronco