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    I'm glad to see you
    cam for freeLondon Escort Girls
    haha thats cool so do are you the ''young one''?lol and mbirthday was just july 31...when did u first race your car
    yea and if i am able to do it ill let u know right away ya the youngest hopefully all u old guys dont go out there and smoke me lol and i watched your video of the 500 your preety good driver
    i actually might hitch a ride to get a little experince but probley wont be healed by september and if my car is not runnin in december ill try again but thanks again
    i usally ride in a 1600 but i should be racing my car in december(hopefully if all goes as planned)but thanks aot for the offer but if were not racin the 1600 and im not racin my car and you need a ride ill be there and i pay half the entry of course but thanks alot hopefully ill see you out at some races and if im out of my cast by september i might ride with you but i doubt ill be out but thanks so much
    hey kyle, you probably dont remember me but i'm Rick in albuquerque nm. i co-drive for Joe Barboa in the 8 truck. i saw ya on here and thought i would just say hi. hope all is well, tell your dad, Ray, Josh, and Randy hey and good luck with the 9 car this next year! PM me to say hi.....later, Rick
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