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  • Heading out tot he property this weekend, then over to volunteer in Plaster City. Swing by if your in the area!
    Just call the shop to order a knife 714 848 8880. We have more on order and they should be ready next week.
    Take care of yourself down there in baja! Come by on Thanksgiving I'll put aside a drumstick for ya!
    that is a definite possibility as far as me being able to come down early. Can you give me a call today to discuss the details? 419-343-9000 Thx! Bryan
    disregard the comment about the RM 500 pit at st vincennes. I got my posts screwed up. thx Bryan
    I can come in pretty much about anytime. I haven't bought the plan ticket yet. Just a few questions: What dates from and back to San Diego are you planning on? How many and what types of vehicles will you be racing and what kind of help can I offer you. Im handy and reliable but not baja experienced. Thanks for the consideration.
    Haha, for sure! We were out last weekend working on the property and screwing around. We'll be back out in three weeks due to birthday, then a wedding, blah, blah, blah don't these people know it desert season! Looking forward to meeting you Bryan! Good luck with the boy toy gig, those are hard to come by!!!!!!!
    I think it is well worth his 2005 title too! Maybe I am just missing what their saying but it seems to me that people are saying if you dont win every race of a season you arent worthy of your points title! Just what I am getting from reading the thread...?
    Distributer broke going up beer bottle pass. Then David Scoroni proceeded to trash the driver side of the truck.
    Thanks for the rep!!! :) Yeah....girls are just f'd up in general.....I apologize for my gender. :)
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