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    Pistol OK?

    Always offered a different viewpoint Always had winning in his mind Always brought safety to the conversation Never looked away and was there to aid when needed. I wish we all could be so focused in our passion. I am thankful to have had the chance to meet him briefly at a few races...
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    Baja 500

    First and last 30 are the tricky part. Rest has been ridden, talked about, drive lines defined on numerous GPS files and overall a great run for the win. Winners will have prepped and pre ran their sections several times to pick up current terrain conditions. Lake
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    Two men rescued in Baja - buggy still missing

    Such a true statement. There are roadside fires, couches and tires all along the good roads! Whereas the bad roads have great views, long driveways to villas and an occasional farmer with an ear to ear smile
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    RIP Art Savedera

    An icon to the sport, amazing passion for safety and a heart as big as Baja. I will never forget him always validating my helmet certification and checking for a first aid kit at every race! Then he would pose for the picture at every chance! God Speed
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    Weatherman Relay with a Code Red for Mark Luhtala 288

    So Saddened to hear the news. Mark, may God be with you and bless your family during this time. Rest in Peace Mark
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    What a blast, love to squeeze it in!
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    What does SCORE stand for?

    Sucky Coverage Of Racing Events . . . :-) All kidding aside, I always thought it was Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts.
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    So what happened to Robby Bell.

    Speedy Recovery Robby. That has got to hurt, but thankfully there are great doctors out there. Feeley
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    Who are your Baja 500 picks?

    Brabec for the 1x. Solid team, great support and amazing talent. Interesting field of bikes - should be a great race for sure. Lake
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    Official SCORE Baja 1000 thread - 2014

    What a great race between the top two pro bikes; simply amazing to see, read and understand the epic challenges each team faced. THR is amazing Lake
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    Late to the Party... My Mint 400 Pics

    Great Shots!
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    Electric Motorcycle Class in the near future with SCORE and BITD?

    Hey Guys - With electric cars, hybrid cars, solar homes and now electric off-road bikes is it a matter of time until we see an electric class slowly enter into the racing scene? Here is a bike that is being tested and validated by the Special Forces. Seems pretty cool to me. However with...
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    Ensenada should be embarrassed

    Yes - what about the rider who was pre-running the start and had his bike stolen at gun point? Where is the story about that and how come it 'brushed under the rug'. Did or was SCORE there to support him? Gun welding thugs will kill the sport and tourism in Baja. The one or two races a...
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    NEW ID Designs Trophy Truck Spy photos!

    Looks great - But . . . You might want to redo the wiring for the O2 sensor that is coming through the drivers side safety sheet metal. It would need a hole with a grommet at least to avoid any vibration damage.
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    Utah to So Cal on dirt

    Hey Bill - so what is the latest on this trip. I am in for sure and will follow Baja Bound with PAB right on up from the coast to your house. Based on the links, input and research - what are the gaps? Of the area that is open, how much of it requires a plate? Lake