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  • Wow! You called it right PMC vs. Bill Holmes but the rally is in Prescott, AZ the first weekend of October, I think it is put on by the same association that you listed though. Either way it should be a fun time. Ill keep you updated on how it goes!
    Aww bummer to hear about the postponing but I'm sure it was for a good reason :) That's a good way to get a good deal on an xterra LOL :D
    You thought right!! That looks great!! :) I like how it's cut into a convertible!! So how is your bumper coming along?? What are you doing with your old bumper LOL I'm thinking about trying to sell mine and I am on the search now for a stock bumper :D Plus I've been getting eyeballed by the cops around here I can tell they want to pull me over because I don't have a real bumper LOL
    Wayne, PM me your phone number or call me at the shop. 3_703-6800 It's been a HELL of a morning.
    Ya dude for sure!! any particular size stickers? I'm not positive he has blue/brown but I will do my best!! I'm pretty sure he'll be at BAP so I'll try and find him and get you hooked up!! :D a beanie would be cool :D LOL
    Awesome!! Well I will be working at both so keep me posted as to which so I can say hi and check your truck out in person possibly :D
    Oh dude that rocks!!!! I can NOT wait to see it!! I'll be all up in your grill LOL :D Sooooooo when do I get pics?? :D Are you going to be at BAP or the MINT?? I know they are far from Colorado BUT they are going to be be FUN races!!
    Have you looked at the draft I posted in the MM forum? Please give me input.

    Dave Blakely
    Nice well those are the only ones I know of for sure that have Nissans :D

    OoO I'm excited to see how yours turns out :) I have a few things to sell and then maybe I'll just fork out the cash and have a really nice one made... but it seems like I'm not going to fins anything for under $400 :( oh well
    I know I will keep my eye out and tell anyone with a nissan to join... OH I know a couple people that own Nissans as their daily drivers... michael_loomis and scott with Corr... they are on my friends list I'll have to look or you can browse thru them :)

    BUmpers make me cry at this point :( The peeps that were supposed to do it have been to busy.. but at least I have the ugly temporary one back on... I posted a pic of it under the random album... everyone made fun of it at the desert.. but whatever it's there until i can get a new one made LOL I can't want to see yours-when is it supposed to be done??
    It was the stupidest thing ever... I was driving to work on the 5 frwy in Carlsbad and I was waiting to get off on an exit-the exit was backed up into the slow lane and traffic came to a stop pretty quickly I stopped and then about 2 seconds later an '07 Ford Ranger plowed into the back of me going 65 and pushed me into the van in front of me. Fortunately I had the ARB or I would have crumpled my front end, the back hatch was jacked my leaf springs got pushed in... it was the worst ordeal I've ever been through.. then because I had after market parts I couldn't find a shop that would work on my truck... 6 months later I get my truck back... still not in the condition it was before the accident but drivable. So I paid on my truck for 6 months that I didn't have it.. no rental.. I have grown to hate insurance companies!! :D lol Finally just made the last payment in May so now I can do whatever I want with it :D So the ranger was totaled... some young kid driving, talking on his cell phone on his way to work, he looked like he was going to cry and he wanted to give me a hug... I think he was like 23 and just not paying attention... he never even attempted to stop... the whiplash I got was HORRIBLE!! man I can still feel it sometimes and it happened over a year ago!! My sunglasses were on my head and ended up in the trunk from the impact! lol OK that's my story and why I don't have a bumper... still :D lol
    dude your X will be sick!! I thought about the shock hoop also but I didn't want to cut into my trunk until it was at least paid for :D lol

    I have Calmini upper control arms, torsions bars & steering system. So it gives it a 3 inch lift and the back needs to be done still... and I too need new shocks :) lol But it all takes cash.. so I've been working on the maintenance 108k on the engine and want it to go another 500k ;) lol I should be getting the bumper in the next month and then a round of shocks :) From there I will see what I can do about picking up my rear it's basically stock just an add a leaf (sp?) :D I hope you'll keep me posted on your progress!!
    COOOL!!!! Cute doggy!! I have 2002-I love it and it's finally paid off so I love it even more now :D I have some water crossing pics like that except no grass in the background only rocks :D lol What do you have planned for yours?

    With ARB (before the accident)

    Now... waiting for my new bumper to get fabbed :D

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