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  • Hi Lance, I saw you make long travel kits for the 2500 GM trucks, could you give me some info and what you charge for the kit? TIA
    Hi Lance,

    Are you an any of your buddies going to the Battle of Primm?
    I'll be there with my camera on if you know of anyone who wants so
    free pictures taken!
    I'm super excited, where else can you play in the dirt with big toys all day then dance and party all night!


    hey lance do you no this guy KCMotorsports he says he cut and bent and packaged our tt does he work for porter
    Hey Dale did great in the Pro 2 I think ill have to take your place on the Dale Dondale official Pit Crew maybe that's how ill get my Racer sweat shirt Ive been dieing to get
    Fuel pump situation is handle as far as i know we put a Bosch on the prerunner i don't know whats on the trophy truck
    nope the prerunner is Happy at its new home with us and ya i love ridding in that truck it rides like a cadi
    Decembers right unless Lloyd comes out to test or the girls use it at the powder puff if they do it
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