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    New fuel cell and tire position

    Your going to need another piece of duct tape so that the fuel filler doesn’t move during a race, I know from experience. In all seriousness is there enough room to stab the fuel filler there?
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    The coastal run in the 1st special was cut from the 4 wheeled vehicle route on the evening before and a lengthy speed zone bypass section was added that popped us out near San Vincente and hwy 1 and the start of the real race :)
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    Our team had a fantastic time overall and as mentioned numerous times I can't imagine the level of effort behind the scenes to pull this one off. Contingency and Inspection were easy and worked well for us both days (displayed our bronco the 2nd day). It was nice to be able to take care of some...
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    The tracker (Stella) unit needs to be self contained and self powered. The rf antenna itself is a brittle connection and we have ripped that tiny wire off when a bush or tree grabbed it and ripped it out of the antenna. Ideally the unit needs to be bomb proof and allow no options for...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Should be 151.625 but someone will confirm
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    2021 NORRA San Felipe House to share or take over

    I have a house at the start/finish line (in El Dorado Ranch) for NORRA for four nights (April 25-29) that I am looking to share or have someone take over, those dates cover down and back for the race. It's a 3 bedroom/3 bath with a garage. House is around 1700 sq ft, A/C plenty of room etc...
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    Big Oly goes to auction

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    RacingTraX RS1 Ironman Challenge! Who's in?

    what if I don't get out of the drivers seat in a very limited two seat vehicle? My Passenger would just be there to make sure Duo Lingo is running so I can learn more espanol...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    I would think by now, people would realize anything is possible and can happen. Ie. There is no absolute guarantee that this event or any other will be allowed to happen at the moment. It could all come to a screeching halt at the last minute, or it could all unfold as we hope it will (and for...
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    Fiberglass Help! Who made this?

    Can't help you on the molds, but here are a couple more photos.
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    1974 Barstow to Vegas

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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Eliseo- Thank you and the entire NORRA team for the work to make this happen, I realize it is a monumental undertaking. I understand the above is the "plan" and some of it will need to be worked out, but wanted to ask if there was an idea for registration appointments so that we would be able...
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    Thank you

    I can't imagine the million little things to fall in place to even have KOH happen during a "regular" year and then of all things to one up the previous years coverage and races - AND pull it off during one of the most trying periods for events ever. Congrats - I was bummed to miss it this...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Myself and my team are in for April. As stated earlier, the fun for us is racing baja and being in the Bronco. After the stage each day we are working on it getting ready for the next so wouldn’t change much for us. I would say there is still allot of time before race day and allot can happen...
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    We are running the PCI open face helmet comms kit in our Helmets (a Bell and another brand I cannot recall) We have it plugged into a PCI Intercom and that is tied in with a Kenwood Race radio. Driver and Co-Driver can talk freely, hit a button for Radio. I installed both kits and it was fairly...