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  • Yup. It's an open diff with stock-size Bronco axles and brakes, and they could only go to the lowest ring and pinion gears available for the front, but it is only running 35"s so they should be ok. Last year they teamed up with a guy from Oregon(?) in a 14 truck and timed out after snapping an i-beam in the wash with 5 minutes to go. This year, plan is to be smart, race the clock and not the competition, let 4 different guys share the driving, and have a good time. They might run the SCORE series next year too. Is Kovachs in a new Class 6 truck or are they racing their old 4wd 7S Ranger?
    The shop that built my Tacoma (Solomotorsports) is finishing up a class 6 Ranger for the race. It is a Red '97 extra cab with the frame cut off behind the cab, using widened twin traction beams up front (17" travel) and a regular 4-link in back with 30" travel. I got a ride when they were testing it in Barstow. The back is perfect, really works well, but it doesn't have the front travel of your old truck. They will be prerunning this weekend. This is an experienced team whose plan is to not get lost or stuck and get a finish. Driver's name is Jim Townsend, an ex-class 1 driver. My Tundra is back at home getting finished. Trying to get it wrapped instead of painted, with the race logo on the doors & hood. You will be impressed when you see it.
    Thank you for responding. We are starting to look now, just overwhelmed with a kitchen remodel plus everything else that is being done to the house. We will look into things and will get back to you soon. Again, Thank You, Mark
    Thanks Laurie. Its a glass top. I will check it when I get home tonight. It does have the dryer type plug so I know its 220. Ill let ya know...
    Hey Laurie, my AMana oven wet on the fritz. The clock died, the oven wont work and the stove top wont either. The only thing that does work is the light that says a stove top burner is on. This is when the dial has it turned to on but there is no heat happening... Is there a reset button on these things or is it busted for real? I know its not the breaker box outside. I came home from lemons in texas and this was what I came home to... Glad my microwave still works and my grill. I am way to broke to replace this thing right now...
    we don't have a store website but the manufactures we sell have pretty good ones and we will give you a great price. What they list on website is MSRP and we're less then that. We sell Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana and Kitchenaid. Only Whirlpool and Kitchenaid will have a 36 stove. (And they tend to be pricey)
    I was in a couple weeks ago for the lid switch for a Kenmore washer. Thanks again for the discount.Still have not installed it though(lazy I guess). I was wondering if you have a web site for your store. We just bought a new house and will need a few things, namely a stove(36" slide in I guess), fridge and dishwasher and maybe a microwave to go over the stove. Kinda far from us(we are in Torrance) but would much rather give our money to someone that races than a big box retailer, and maybe stay the night as we love the food at Tony's and Esau's. If you do not have a site maybe you could give us a list of the brands you can get and we could decide from that list. Thank You, Mark
    I never did send congrats your way for the awesome showing at 500. I saw the truck and it looked fantastic, so I'm sure all those long nights in the garage weren't in vain.
    Congrats Laurie and team, we saw you guys hauling @ss around RM 220 and the truck looked great....Congrats again
    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a great day. I made up the rule when I was in grade school that I didn't have to wear green. My birthday clothes didn't always include green.
    Hope you had a great day and nobody better ever pinch... since you get a to slide since it's your b-day ;)
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