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  • counting me, we were 13 people in my group so i didnt want to say anything about the pits since you need passes, yes im going to san felipe, i want to leave thursday night so i can look for you guys in tech friday

    last year we left friday morning and all the years previous we left friday night so i dont know when we take off for san felipe plus my family cant really decide on anything and change plans all the time so ill let you know about tuesday before the race what im gonna do
    Did Thomas tell you I had extra wrist bands? I thought you would stop by the pits.
    The trash talk with Canchola I don't mind. It's the stuff with the class 6 that's getting to me.
    you forgot to mention the little trash talking thomas and i did with the canchola team here lol it was in good spirit from both sides, i only saw thomas and dan this weekend hopefully ill see the whole team in san felipe
    thanks laurie i already talk to thomas tonight about it, it depends if i can find somebody to cover for me at work and one guy walked away last thursday but im 70 percent sure i can make it, i only live about 40-50 miles away
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