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    Best trailers for off-road vehicles

    I second the Diamond C trailer, best trailer I have owned so far. Mine also has the Dexter 6 lug axles, just keep an eye on your shackles!!! They use cheap shackle kits with plastic bushings, after a year and a half my shackle bolt almost worked its way thru the end of the shackle.
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    Off-road map of So Cal desert

    Just purchased the lifetime package, I hope its as cool as it seems.
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    Strobel Motorsports 2016 Mint 400 Recap Feature Video

    Bummer!!! sure am rooting for you guys, I cant wait to see your next video! Thanks
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    Going to swap and looking for transaxle pros\cons

    PBS sequential 5 speed.
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    CBS Sports / Baja 1000

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    Strobel Motorsports 2015 BITD Season recap

    Great effort! I'm a big fan!!!
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    CANIDAE Racing #95 BITD Henderson 250 '15

    Cool video thanks for sharing.
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    VIDEO - 2015 Baja 1000, TT#1 Eugenio and Schwarz highlight video

    INSANE!!! That's some talent.
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    Switch Pros

    Makes sense! will do.
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    Switch Pros

    I am also interested, but I haven't had any luck getting ahold of anyone over there. I will try again tomorrow.
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    Taking responsibility

    That's a "stand up" move. must be a good guy!
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    Steve Olliges Raw footage from BWDC

    Wow!!! too cool!