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  • jajaja yah and i have my own 1600 car now i race in mdr...! and i raced at jacume in a friends 1600 car and the 2nd heat i rode with cody an dprob not 2 primm this weekend and sorry 2 say but i dont know who u are ?! ahhahahah so can u refresh my memory?
    It was my first race so I wasn't really sure what was going on, lots and lots of excitement .. then all a sudden I heard your name from the announcer I was like NOOOOO WAYYYY! That's awesome!~ You still riding with Cody Robinson? You coming out to Primm this weekend?

    Next time I'll be sure to go up to you and ask for an autograph of course! You are still half my son!
    Quentin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Saw You Race At Corr Pomona!~ I think I am your #1 FAN!
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