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  • Old red! haha and i understand completely, we'll be lucky to have the TT ready by october. have to cut out the rear suspension. Torque converters are nice you can feel the difference the next day, but again the conversion is costly. and damn! no front bypass?!
    Thanks for the report, let me know next time you make it to town. i wanna check out the old dune buggy! jajaja. you going to silverstate?
    sorry i couldnt make it around to say whats up before the race, i talked to the guys who started when i turned the camera on in the morning. what happened on the jeep trail? i saw you guys when i was going to pick up the 15.
    thanks for the info brian. that is not a bad price, he does nice work. no not racing parker just going to spectate,help a buddy and visit friend that are coming out. i wish i was because i know parker and it is like my backyard. maybe next year. nic
    hey brain , my name is nic. i live in lake havasu and have family in parker but anyways i was just wondering what he charged you to make that video because it was good and im interested in doing the same thing. going out tomorrow to run my 2-1600 before it heats up them off to foxs for lunch. thanks in advance.
    Hey Brian,

    This is John Aman - Tim's old roommate from USD. Have him give me a buzz @ 909-379-9055. Thanks!!!
    Have you checked out there are a few shots of your car prior to all the rain! ha ha ha...... Not sure of the start or tech? but in the race area.... #3119,3121, 3197,3200.... Also 2008 if raced that year? wanted to let you know........ saw some photos from the 425 in your Album post......Mike
    We're planning to test somewhere in western AZ on 12/19, maybe we can meet - just not head-on! I race an LS1 powered unlimited out of the PHX area with Coyote Racing.

    Just noted you are a CDA, sound interesting, and something my team hopefully never need. Can you practice in AZ as well as CA?

    Thanks and hope to see you in the dez!
    hey i really like your car and the fact you grew up here makes it better! been going to badenochs my whole life... glad to see more parker related people on here. My Grandpa raced a chenoweth, funco and even a courier back in the day (raced boats too) he was george hendrix, my uncle is dan beaver and I currently co-dawg for terry tolbert in a 16, He raced with my Gpa back in the day.
    Hey Brian...Yes it's Joel. See your name every once in a while and reminds me of the old days. Then I saw your post under the old pictures thread and knew it had to be you or your brother. Im in San Diego and I work for CORR. Lets try to get together sometime and catch up. 619-632-8520
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