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    Please call to stop or amend bill AB 1595!

    If you're in the right district, here's a guy you can vote for that is on our side...Gregg Imus for Congress. Here's a link to a response Imus had to Cook regarding this very bill.
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    V2R Time Trials Live Feed?

    Only news I've heard so far, are that the trucks are way faster than the 1 cars, so far.
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    V2R Time Trials Live Feed?

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    V2R Time Trials Live Feed?

    That's a copy/paste from the home page... Coverage begins on Wednesday, August 15th with qualifying, followed by Tech & Contingency Thursday, August 16th and finally the race day on Friday, August 17th. Follow the field of over 300 drivers on as they try to win the...
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    V2R Time Trials Live Feed?

    Is the live feed going to be on for the time trials? It was supposed to start a few minutes ago, but all I get are videos and commercials.
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    Robby Gordon to Race at 2012 King Of The Hammers

    looks like he qualified in 5th position...just two behind the former KOH Shannon Campbell.
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    2012 Parker 425 Qualifying

    How 'bout Tuls #1599?
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    Head and neck restraints

    With an R3, when you have to get out of the car to change a flat, or whatever....just unbuckle the chest belt, and you'll have full range of movement. Rebuckle, and get back in the car. And no, you don't want to undo the tethers off the helmet if you have no one to help you put them back on...
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    Seating Options Suspension vs Rigid Mounted
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    Seating Options Suspension vs Rigid Mounted

    I have some Kirkey aluminum seats in my Cherokee prerunner. Had them laying around, and I needed to have the seats mounted lower. Because of the trans tunnel being in the way, my suspension seats couldn't be mounted any lower. So as an experiment, I mounted these us before taking the...
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    The eyes of the world are upon us. Let's Rally!

    How about lining up on Barstow Road, starting at the BLM field office?
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    F250 "Death wobble"? steering issue?

    looks like your camera has death wobble too...
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    Rear sway bar mounting location?

    Thanks for your responses! Definitely gives me some things to think about. -D
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    Rear sway bar mounting location?

    Some friends and I are having a debate about the mount location of a rear sway bar, and it's effectiveness. Using the scientific "logic" approach, we're having a hard time coming up with an answer we can all agree on. On solid axle, coil-sprung desert truck, should the torsion bar be mounted...