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  • Ok call me stupid, but is there some kind of alarm that went off about my bday?

    Thanks guys.
    Copy the link from youtube, not the embeded one. go back to the rdc thread you're responding to and push the "add link" button. a pop up will apear. Paste the URL of the video in there, and click ok.

    Preview the post and hope it took...
    You guys are welcome.

    "Movn' on up to the east side"

    I'll have a print for you next race... Find Suzy or I and we'll get it to you.
    Amazing pics of the M4SX Series - it's great photographers like you who can take a series and give it a whole new element through your camera lens - thank you so much!!
    So what's the new scheme look like? Shot me over a picture of it and we'll dig throught all of our shot and pick yours out. I'll see if we can use them on some of the promotional products were working up.
    Hey Little man. Were setting up something pretty big for you TK kids in '09.... Details may be comming this week if all works out.
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