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    2019 Mint 400 information thread

    Stoked on the live feed!
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    Fire suppression system recommendations

    Having been in two motorsports fires, one in a boat and one in a Class 1 car racing in Lucerne, fire safety is very important to me. I've installed numerous ESS fire suppression units into sandrails and prerunners for clients. I've also installed them in both of our Class 1 cars and have one...
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    On Topic McMullen Racing wins the 2018 BITD Vegas to Reno!!

    Congrats Conner, Kevin and the entire team!
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    Fun with Classifieds!

    Saw you driving it a month ago. Usually only see it sitting in your driveway, or parked on Madison.
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    Best trailers for off-road vehicles

    I drove a Dodge with a TT from Anaheim to Park City Utah on Monday and I think the owner said it was a YIRO flatbed and it was one of the first ones they built (he has two matching flatbeds). I was really impressed with how well it towed. Speed limits in Utah are 80mph and this thing felt...
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    YouTheory Racing Takes on the BITD Mint 400 '18 #37 #55 #1501 #6183

    Great footage as always Mike!
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    Do you need a medivac Helicopter

    Glad this thread was revived I bought an Omni membership in 2013 when this thread was started. Last year, Sept, 2016, my wife got the renewal and after reviewing it noticed that if Omni wasn't the responding helo that they wouldn't cover the flight. Because of this we didn't renew. I should...
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    STEEL-IT Coatings - Who Run's It?

    We have the guy that paints our car spray the arms for us so it goes on thicker then a rattle can job.
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    Fun with Classifieds!

    I've passed by this truck hundreds of times in Pasadena. Always wondered the deal was with it. Looks wayyyyy cleaner in the pics then it does driving by at 30mph.
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    Best trailers for off-road vehicles

    I have a transport business and use a 100" wide X 24' deck over triple axle flatbed. It's an older trailer (1985 I think) and heavy AF. It had mobile home style axles and I had New Trend Custom Trailers in Fontana, CA swap them out for three 5200lb axles, all with brakes. I wanted to be able...
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    What happened to Acer at the MINT 400?

    Hadn't heard that before.
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    STEEL-IT Coatings - Who Run's It?

    Been using it for a couple years on the front and rear arms on our Class 1 cars. Great product, zero complaints.
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    My Rage at the River Video 1st TT Race is up

    Great video.
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    Mint 300 results

    It was the MINT 49 for us, cause that's where we DNF'd.