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  • got spun out on the first turn both days by the same kid (not saying any names!)
    and then i got spun out again on sat. and got 9th or something.
    then on the last lap on sunday i rolled and broke the front spindle.
    i'll do better next time tho! :)
    Call Darren at ZLT and he will hook you up, His brother is Danny Ebberts the Pro 2 Driver (800) 958-7737
    They are Great guys!
    Myles did pretty good in Az. had a bunch of fun, The track was awsome! Hurry up and get your butt in a car and have some fun. if you come to any of the races look us up!
    well these series is like the only legittt onee.
    i'm excited tho. i just got a mod. :)
    why don't you move up to something thoo..
    like a pro lite. or a buggggyyy. :)
    haha i might go there this weekeenddd, i have never been, i only go to mb2 out here. im gonna go to the anaheim one think. We'll see who wins
    i am 12 almost 13 but i am in 6th grade because my mom thought it was best to put in kindergarten at 6 years of age. and i started racing at 10 years old i raced the first trophy kart race ever.
    Thanks for the friend request! Good luck on the V-day happennings. Post up what you end up doing to let us all know!
    not with all the drama. my bff's boyfriend asked me out today and they were still going out. She dumped him after school because of it.
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