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    Juanco Scammed Me!

    More like HE needs to understand he is a transmission specialist and not take on jobs he cant complete. Its been 5 years since my original post and still pisses me off he stole my parts
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    Turbo 400 done by Mogi Transmissions

    Internet search MOGI Transmissions 3836 Pierce St, Riverside, CA, 92503 (951) 688-1905
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    Reset password

    I forgot my password for an add in classifieds and i put in my my email and hit send to reset and nothing happens. I need to delete ad 152805 Thanks
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    Race Suit / Pit Suit Cleaning service

    Nope that's about it other than using the correct Cleaning agent for Nomex. Other benefit of using us is we can do any repairs to velcro, repair any holes or tears, fix broken snaps or buckles. One stop shop. These are actually way easier to deal with vs turnouts because they do not have liners...
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    Race Suit / Pit Suit Cleaning service

    Just south of Downtown. So Cal PPE 2717 Boston Ave
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    Race Suit / Pit Suit Cleaning service

    Yes sir. Sometimes those services are a private company and sometimes the inmates are the ones doing the washing, If you've used them then I'm sure we've eaten some of the same smoke over the years, Thank you for your service. I dont think the on site service is an option for a few reasons...
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    Race Suit / Pit Suit Cleaning service

    Hey Guys Kicking around the idea of setting up at the Contingency and offer Race suit and Pit suit cleaning services. I have an ISP that we Clean, Inspect, and repair Firefighting turnouts and nomex clothing according to NFPA standards. We already take care of a few local teams but wanted to...
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    2018 BITD V2R Update thread

    Voss across finish
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    Big Rusty Dinosaur

    Same as when Dan tried to bring that girl from Paris De Noche Home
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    RDC trying to get even MORE lame???

    There are two guys walking on the beach. One sees trash floating in the water the other sees the beautiful sunset in the horizon. Ignoring the trash doesn't make the sunset more beautiful. Picking it up does
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    Baja 1000 Pre Run

    What kind of vehicles are you guys taking?
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    How many off road miles have you logged in?

    I don't know but I'm still looking for the best one
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    Washing race suit????

    Would it be beneficial if a company who professionally cleans firefighting gear with the Specialized machines and with a cleaning solution that is recommended by everyone from the Nomex fiber manufacture all the way up to the manufacturer of Firefighting clothing itself to be at races in...
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    Good spot to watch the Baja 500 by SF?

    Inside an air conditioned truck
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    Juanco Scammed Me!

    Man this story sounds so familiar. I gave him parts to assemble my 3rd member almost 2 years ago. Brand new case and ring gears. All he had to do was source a few items to make it complete and assemble. Hundreds of phone calls and texts and now he wont call back or reply. Last contact I had was...