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  • i know it was tough to pick the other 3 but Rulo is simply the best so that one was easy hahahaha
    Hey Mike I have been going through old pics I will post some soon. I have a couple of the spirt of riverside.I think the paint scheme will be cool. Will you be at the off road expo on sunday?
    Yup I'll be there helping my mom in the 11 car and RPI/Jefferies cars. Hope to see you out there!
    Yea, let me talk to him and see if he has anytime to do some free lance work, if so I will give you his number.
    Hey dude...regarding the Chili Cookoff race, you got any info on signing up to volunteer with MORE???

    Thanks! Look forward to meeting you out there!
    Thanks a lot Mike! I remember that Baja 2000 prerun well in Damen's oldcar. Crazy to think was driving that thing when I was 13. Thanks again for the bday wishes!
    damn. i got tuesday thursday from 10-5. i go to Cal poly on mon and wed for softball but thats only a few hours. maybe another quarter. thanks anyways dude
    hey man do you by ny chnce drive from Mo Val to CPP. Im looking to save in some gas money and carpool maybe. let me know if your interested
    yea thats why i didnt join it. im a COM major and when i talked to the guy via email he ever emailed me back. so screw them. the cart looks like **
    for sure man. i anted to do the SAE thing but i never found the time. was it worth it?? are u racing anytime soon?
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