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Started racing in 2001 in our brand new Porter PRC1600. been around racing since my grandad prepped Ivan Stewarts class 8 Ford for Charlotte Corral. and pitted for Damen in his class 9 Jimco. currently working on Bachelors degree in Architectural drafting and design at Cal Poly Pomona then my Masters Degree from Taliesin.

Racing, cars and bmx
Architectural Drafting
pitting and prepping
Mar 7, 1983 (Age: 37)
Riverside, Ca and Cal Poly Pomona
"Missile" Mike Harvey
Class I race in
Driver of the flamed walley world painted Porter PRC1600
Favorite Race
San Felipe 250
Favorite Race Driver
My 2 Mentors: Damen Jefferies-known him forever and He taught me to drive... Also Billy Gasper, great guy and fast as H3LL...Gasit2win!!!
2004 scion xb
2001 porter prc1600
1992 ford f-150 flare side
1976 ford f-100 pre-runner
Favorite Offroad Video
dp1 because our car is in it or dp3
Favorite Offroad Website
race car prep and architectural drafting when I'm


HARVEY Motor Sports
Dirt's for racing, asphalt's for getting there!!!
Mike Harvey :cool:
Off Roaders Like It Rough, Dirty, and Fast!!! :D
"I don't care how much I scrub and scrub, they just don't make water hot enough to get rid of the racers itchy plague! Once u get the disease theres no turning back"!!! hahahahaha