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  • Ha ya i wish i had something to race to begin with....especially since i live in the high desert to begin with...any excuse to get away from pomona is good haha..if you ever need help in the desert let me know for sure!
    my major is international business...going into my third year the 24th haha...a couple friends and i have a house in Phillips Ranch this year..got tired of the dorms...and ya i feel you about the job...i work for Speed Technologies and it looks like i'm still gonna be able to work part time which will be nice
    cont...--->Was actually just trying to help sweep up my little corner of the Internet. I too hate to see these guys go through this and would just like to see it end. I now remember why I don't go to the dezert section much. To be honest I feel there is BS coming from both sides on this one and it could/ should have been resolved so much easier or Pete is a complete donkey, which he may very well be??
    Sorry you feel that way. But I am not on either side. Go back and really read my post and don't just skim over them. I only put the disclaimer on the one post (the only one you seem to be focused on) because it was clear people were ranking down almost all post by Pete and then my post telling Greg that the ball was now in his court. I put that part about Greg in the disclaimer do to the abuse of the ranking system in Greg's favor. Look how many yellow post Greg has in the thread vs Pete. If Pete would have been the one getting all the high ranks and Greg the low then the disclaimer would have been with Pete's name in place of Greg's. That is no BS. cont....-->
    I think Plaster City Sept 19th may work...but that's also my birthday weekend so I was thinking about a trip to Havasu. If Havasu falls through I'll try to round up a few people to go out there with me. Its going to be hot.
    Yeah I know Aarin...haven't seen him in awhile. About the McMillin's racing in Baja again that's top secret information...you know the drug cartels could hold them for mucho dinero. But seriously I don't know. I need to get to a race soon...its been two years since I've been to a SCORE, MDR, BITD race.
    Right on well hopefully this ****ty econ turns around and you'll get back in it. My friend from Perris is racing short course at Lake Elsinore June 27 and 28th are you going to roll? I can't make it but the next one for sure.
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