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  • Yeah I work for the McMillins for McMillin Land Development down here. Are you racing in Baja these days or just sticking to the races in the U.S. of A?
    yes, just finished my third year at cal poly. I would be devastated if they moved.... lets keep our fingers crossed.
    Well I'm sure we'll run into each other at one of those races-I usually go to the Snore and Drive races and work contingency-then whatever other in between races any of my friends are doing :) LOL on the student loans-well at least when you have to go pay them back you can think about the fun you had with the money rather than thinking only about school!! hahahaaa I checked out your pics... and man you weren't kidding about the damage!! R3 all the way-I can't even imagine the whiplash you probably had after a hit like that! :eek:
    OK I read about that... I guess I didn't put two and two together :eek: I am sorry to hear about that!! I hear a lot of negative about MDR... I mean things like that shouldn't happen. Nevada races are SOOOO strict about people not being allowed on the course in vehicles-but then again there is a reason for it so people don't get hurt unnecessarily! It's already a dangerous sport... add lack of common sense to it and boom bad things happen!

    So what series would you race if you decided to get back out there? (BTW I'm really glad to hear that you guys hobbled away from a accident like that!)
    OMG!! best quote ever!! Why is it SOOOOOO addicting?!?! I don't really care I love it but it would ne nice if it were a cheaper hobby ;) Hopefully you can get out and race again soon! Do you normally race MDR?
    Thanks for the rep!! :D Just telling it like it is-if I can't be in the car or at the race I at least can enjoy the experience through a racers report!!
    not sure probely the midnite special with my cousins. if nothing over the summer then the Drive race in september.
    Hey Mike just returning your message . we currently are asking $5500 for a bare chassis beam and torsion included , this price does not include shock mounts or any tabbing. Thanks Jamie Campbell feel free to call the shop for any questions u might have (949)650-3035
    id tell u if i knew how much they run.. but mine was built for me by trophylite i put up some of the parts and motor and transmission
    I have one that I am thinking about selling Mike, It has micro stubs- disk brakes. I would be willing to sell it as a roller with no motor, transmission shoxs or wheels and tires. It finished 2nd at Battle at Primm in Feb, and trully won 2 of the 3 heats at the pro 1600 race last december
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