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    Baja Bug Build

    posted pictures on my profile... some of them aren't working though. ill figure it out ASAP. please leave a comment or PM if you have comments/ criticism/ advice. thanks! :)
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    Hey bro WHAT UPPP?!?!?! Haha

    Hey bro WHAT UPPP?!?!?! Haha
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    Baja Bug Build

    Thanks guys! Ill be posting pictures soon.
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    Baja Bug Build

    hey everyone! im building a baa bug and i need some help with cage ideas... can you help with links with layouts of cages or anything? im new to this site and will be updating frequently. thank you :)
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    75 chevy build

    yo dog how it be?
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    Hello my name is Mason.

    Hey guys, my name is mason. first off, i got into off road racing through my uncle and my dad. My dad built his own baja bug and pre-run bronco in high school, and my uncle started off in indie car racing. and then he got in with Riviera Racing as the Navigator. I really got...