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  • Yes, im looking for some chase help------have ability to pay fuel and a hotel room at both ends---experience is a must and baja knowledge is extremely important ---let me know if ur interested
    You guys rock! It was a pleasure to chase with you. Thanks for all the help and for coming to the rescue a few times! I hope we get a chance to do it together again soon. xoxo
    nah not going down to baja this year... clyde is a G!! great guy too, ive always had good times around him!!! we need to get your bro in a buggy man!!! you guys really work hard and it shows.

    not that im anybody, but let me know if you ever need anything, im always wiling to help
    nice post in the short course section... some people just dont understand the difference between short course and desert racing... im glad someone does... i was trying to give you rep but i have to spread it around first :D haha

    whats next for you and your bro?
    hey Lu... it's adam from the movie premier (i also emailed you yesterday) i had no clue you were on rdc.. good to see you on here!
    I got your message man. I will talk to my buddies and let them know the good news. Once I follow up with them, i'll let you know. Thanks and i really appreciate that.
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