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Mark Newhan
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Jan 17, 2018 at 9:57 AM
Nov 22, 2005
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Lakeside, ca.

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Mark Newhan

Well-Known Member, from Lakeside, ca.

Word. Nov 21, 2016

Mark Newhan was last seen:
Jan 17, 2018 at 9:57 AM
    1. _RJT_
      Morning Mark; I was just flipping thru a thread and saw your avatar pic, that's a nice looking RC pre-runner you have there. An early model with a 92 front clip? I'm looking for an early RC myself. Something w/ a solid & complete body, maybe missing the power-train or is in a non op condition otherwise. If you have any leads, send them my way if you don't mind.
      [email protected]
    2. Mark Newhan
    3. schifanelli
      Are you available to build I-beams for an old Class 8 Ford? possible repair of what we have, not sure what is causing our failures. thank you!
    4. patoke
      Hello Mark, I stumbled across your ramcharger prerunner online and found you here on RD. I would love to talk to you about the truck. We have a trophy truck that we are running a dodge diesel in for the 1000 and early 90's ex-Walker Class 8 that we will run at NORRA next year but I am looking to buy or build a ramcharger prerunner just like yours. My email is [email protected] and my cell is 925-890-6414.
    5. Bear Grass
      Bear Grass
      Hello Mark,
      Hope all is well in your camp. I'm still in the slow process of rebuilding the mezzie armed Ranger.
      I traded my 7200 truck for a 4 seat pre runner and cash. Starting TORRA in 2016 I will not have much time to race but need to check out potential race courses.
      I will be teaming with an experienced group to race a 1600 car in San Felipe. Hope to see you there if you are planning on going.
    6. Tony_Barraza
      hey Mark - Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience? 951.654.0830 or email [email protected] Thanks in advance! TonyB
    7. ChrisW
      Hi Mark,
      I'm a friend of Stephen Rowe's and he suggested I contact you. I'm planning a Playrun trip to Cabo in May and he thought you might be interested in joining us. If you're interested send me your e-mail address and I'll send the details.
      Best Regards,
      Chris Wyborny
    8. Old School 6-7-8
      Old School 6-7-8
      Hi Mark, do you have any photos of your old '75 Chevy LUV prerunner? My first vehicle was a '78 Chevy LUV prerunner. - Tony
    9. Jerry
      Mark Please call or text Bret. 760-877-8282 he wants to talk to you.
    10. FERTCH
      Just wanted to ask some questions about your silver truck, I am very interested in building one, not exactly the same as yours but would like to get some tips from you.

    11. FERTCH
    12. ss415
      hey mark thanks for the rep!!
    13. richard cretsinger
      richard cretsinger
      hey Mark, on the 79, did you use front bump stops? I cant see any on your build or in the master piece of metals pictures. just curious as of why you did not? or if they are just disguised.
    14. richard cretsinger
      richard cretsinger
      thanks Mark, just curious, which calipers are you using, i ordered some 4 piston AP racing calipers. they are really light and look like a good one.
    15. NicksTrix
      mark, another place i thought of is second chance race parts in moooresville. they are on rolling hills rd.

      did eei have any suggestions on who might have any around? they know who they sold stuff off to in large groups of parts... maybe some vintage series guys?

      be good
    16. glamisrnr
      not a problem, thanks for the rep.
      I look forward to meeting you at a race. You and I are peas in a pod.....thanks for all your contributions Mark.
    18. Petepecas
    19. scottm
      Thanks Mark, I appreciate the comments! It won't be up to score standards anytime soon, but I am extra motivated now to keep improving.
    20. NicksTrix
      mark, did you dig through AWJEEP's collection? i found a pic of your truck on there from the mint, appears pre 85 era..
      lots of neat old pics. on there.
      hope you are doing well
      Merry Christmas
      be good~
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  • About

    Lakeside, ca.
    Mark Newhan
    Class I race in:
    8 & Trophy Truck
    Favorite Race:
    Baja mil
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Frank Vessels
    I have been involved in off road racing since 1983, born in 1967 (the same year as the first B1K) . I won my very first Score race, the 1993 San Felipe 250,and my fourth ever race, in class 1 in a truck that I built in an old barn. I then went on and campaigned a class 8 in the dreaded 1995 season, Wheel travel limits!

    Off road racing


    It won't fail because of me!