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    Wayne Lugo's Mark Newhan built Trophy Truck feature

    No advantage in particular. It’s really about packaging on some vehicles. These types of sway bars are fabricated from 4130. As such they are good for about a season on a race truck (the bad). I like how they apply the sway control to the chassis. The energy is distributed through the trailing...
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    Wayne Lugo's Mark Newhan built Trophy Truck feature

    Good eye. This truck will have an even smaller dicriminator valve shortly. We actually use either a -8 or -6 inline style. They are omnidirectional. This truck uses a dual red head fueling probe. On any Trophy Truck I’m involved with, we send the fuel vapor away from the vehicle and back to the...
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Brian bought this truck from Bob DeLozier. I don’t remember who built it, but Brian bought it because it was eligible to be grandfathered during the track width and wheel travel limit era. Dale White did prep it and there trucks were campaigned ou5 of the shop. Dales class 8, Brian’s Class 8 and...
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    Viscous fan hub/drive

    All of the responses are good. An electric fan isn’t a great option since it’s hard to find anything worthy. If you need an electric fan look at EFE. The motors are robust and there are a variety of blade options. Kartek stocks all of the components.
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    NORRA Code Red

    I had a buddy years ago that was hit at Glamis while riding his Moto. His leg was damaged very badly below the knee. He also underwent numerous surgeries. His general heath wasn’t great during this period and had lost a lot of weight as his body was struggling to heal. A few days after his last...
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    2003 Long Travel Tacoma Double Cab

    You gotta know I like that color... looks great!
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    On Topic Wilwood Brakes on bronco

    I'll try and get a picture for you. I did some willwood 6 piston with 14" rotors and made a bracket. I have it drawn up and Waterjet'd. I don't have the Bronco here, so it may take a bit. It does require cutting the stock caliper bed/brackets down and drilling two holes per side.
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    On Topic Wilwood Brakes on bronco

    There's an easier way...
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    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    I should have my head examined for getting into this thread. But hear it goes. Just like the amber lights thread... just because you use the best equipment doesn't insure you will never have an issue. There are a thousand reasons that you can have a wire fail in a loom. Anyone remember when...
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    On Topic 1995 Bronco: The Nuclear Unicorn

    TTB, some modification necessary
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    Rage Updates

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    How fast is too fast?

    To the OP's question... it's all relative. To fast for one vehicle and driver may not be for another.
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    On Topic Goodman Bronco

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    On Topic 1995 Bronco: The Nuclear Unicorn

    I've got a bracket!