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    Pit Fuel options for Norra 2019

    Just spoke with someone at NORRA and he told me that there will not be an option for 110 Sunoco and that I would need to be able to use an additive to Pmex. I was hoping they would have the same deal as with SCORE and you just pre order from distributor and pick it up when you get to Ensenada...
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    Pit Fuel options for Norra 2019

    I will be racing my 5/1600 U ( just because it has big motor) but we have to run Race Gas 110. I assume we will be able to pre pay Mag7 for the amount of gas we think we will need and they will just have it at the pits where we plan to refuel. I hope this will be the case for the M1k 2019.
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    Racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 in 2015

    I am also thinking of running my 5-1600 down there but in the VOB22 class because i have a 2165cc air cooled motor on the car now. Racing here in Texas we group all the air cooled cars together since there are no 5-1600's besides mine. I was wondering about fuel options though. My motor does not...
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    Who's racing the 2014 NORRA Mexican 1000?

    I am also thinking about participating this year. Just have to make a plan and get my small crew together with chase truck/hauler. I was wondering about fuel I will be using because with my current single carb, 2160 air cooled motor, we have to run the 110 race gas. Compression is 11.5:1 and...
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    Exhaust headers internal corrosion

    I have a set of VW ceramic coated 1 5/8" headers with Supertrap from FAT which is about two years old. I ran them on the last motor and in since rebuilding my motor, I noticed I have alot of crud falling out of the pipes which looks like rust but is more black in color. They have been in storage...
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    2332 VW Engine 20-50 LUCAS Oil?

    Just curious, what plugs does Greg say you should run? He is building me a custom set of 044's with 42/37.5 valves. He is not done yet so I havent talked to him about plugs yet but since our motors are nearly the same, mine is 2161cc, what plugs are you guys running?
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    Gonzo Racing 5/1600 video

    I just found the answer to my question I think. I can't run the larger tires up front because I don't have King Kong spindles and I have the 1.5" arms and beam instead of the 1.75". It would be to much weight up front and I would probably end up breaking something.
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    Gonzo Racing 5/1600 video

    Thank you for that information. I know my car is one of the heavier 5/1600's out there. It weighs in at about 2200 lbswith 60/40 ratio. Lately, I have been running my car not as a 5/1600 but more in the 5U class because of the bigger motor. Everything else about the car is still 5/1600. I have...
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    Rebuilding Foddrill combo spindles

    I finally decided to call Danny Foddrill at the fab shop and he said to just send them to him and he will take care of them for me. It took about a week and they showed up at my door. They are fine now so all I needed to do was add grease and put on the car. I am glad I sent them to Foddrill...
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    Gonzo Racing 5/1600 video

    yea, I just pulled the stacks to check them and they were still straight, not twisted but the outer ones were a little bowed. I will try maybe the 6 stacks next time, I have heard of some people using like a 5 on bottom and 6 on top or vise versa. My top adjuster does not have as much adjustment...
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    Gonzo Racing 5/1600 video

    Hey, I am prepping my front end again and wondered what leaf stacks you guys are using. Mine are both 5 stack sway-a-way. I am trying to get the front end to cycle a little more because it has been really tight. I had the adjusters rotated back to where it was just off the stops. I use the hook...
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    Rebuilding Foddrill combo spindles

    Ok Thank you. I now know not to heat the spindles because they are heat treated. My bearings are Torrington D X X X XUSA S, B-2420.I was told the bearings for them are now ??-2421 and they have a wiper seal on one end and they go in with the seal facing out top and bottom. Mine don't have any...
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    Rebuilding Foddrill combo spindles

    I discovered the other day that both my spindles were very hard to turn once I disconnecter the tie rods. It felt like the needle bearings for the King Pin were shot and like there was sand in there. In taking them apart, when I removed the snap rings, the king pins would not come out even with...
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    Best way to get started racing UTV

    I have been just giving some thought about possibly racing in UTV. I was wondering if I were to buy one new from dealer, which one would be best. Between Rhino, RZR or Wild Cat. And would I want to go with a 4 seater for longer wheelbase and convert to two seater with more room for fuel cell...
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    Ignition questiom on VW type 1

    Thanks for your reply, that makes sense to me, it is more of a single carb center mount issue. Just wanted to be sure it wasn't pointing to something in the ignition since I had put on the new distributor. It does clear up as I said with higher RPM but I was just trying to make sure I had...