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  • Hi Marty its Darin Necessary. I just bought a car with a very significant race/win history. Possibly the most wins of any other single car. I would love to talk to you a bit about it.
    Darin Necessary
    Hey Marty is MJ tried to find you but security was leary bout me going back there to find ya
    Hi Marty,

    This is Steve with Extreme Desert Racing in TX. I tried to respond to some of your earlier emails, but never heard back. I assume the spam filter grabbed them.

    Do you still have some interest in covering a TX race? We have a 225 miler at the Texana ranch coming up March 5th and a 400 miler in Odessa May 13/14. The Texana ranch is the wild game hunting ranch with the elk, zebras, gazalles, buffalo, etc. The wives are also going to do a short powder puff race Fri afternoon. Odessa is more of a West TX desert venue.

    I have room for a co-driver in my 10 car at the Odessa ranch and I am sure we can find you a ride at Texanna next month (even if I have to kick my co-driver out for a couple of laps). Call me at 512-751-3483 cell, if there is any interest.

    Steve Frick
    hey marty,
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!, but just a quick question... My girlfriend wanted renew my dirtsports subsciption for a xmas present this year, but for some reason she could not figure out how to get through to your salt lake city area distributor. So I figured that, I would just take care of it since I could go directly to the source. I understand shipping is probley not your department but i was hoping that you could point me in the right direction as to where i can order a new subscription. I have allways have loved lthe mags but its been about a year since I have looked at a fresh one, If you could help me out with this lil dilema, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
    P.S.also how can I get some dirtsports stickers and swag?????haha thanx again
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