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  • Ol CRUMEDEON is a loser by the name of Daryl Drake that lives in Wickenburg, AZ. He promoted races in 1980's after ADRA folded and ran into bankruptcy after 3 races. This guy is a loose cannon and I talked to him per phone earlier today and he seemed to change his tune as much as the wind changes. Feel free to call him at 928 684-2334... I'm beyond pissed off at him derailing this thread. Dave
    OMG you know how hard it was to find you on FB, I found Art before you....hehehehe... glad we are finally connected ....cyber not physical...jajaja
    thanks for the rep. yer next. click your heels together and make a wish..............pervert...stay tooned.
    Nice rep Points there Mark.

    Why not step into the forum and let's discuss why you think I am such a bad guy. I suspect that as an "artists" your liberal side disagrees with my politics. Ante up!
    Hey, thanx for the rep bro...
    Ya, poor guy, having to ask permission to do whatever to the truck.
    p**** whipped!
    Hows it going Mark, this is todd cunningham how are you? Are you and Art thinking of racing at perris in the offroad series. Give me a call we have been racing the stadium truck class, its a blast. my # 909-238-2892 look forward to talking to you.
    been working---I am building a fast attack vehicle for special ops--its a small group from the Champ Car team a couple aircraft mechanics that do the sheet metal and a group of engineers. We go to 7 days /12 hours a day starting monday we need to have the second prototype done by 2/15--then I have 2 days to finish and get to primm
    Got a toybox, 27 ft SANDEK all metal so we can stand on the roof and a clam shell sleeper up stairs---need a big **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**ing truck now------turbo diesel or something to pull it---
    Plan is to do al PRO NINE RACES PRIMM, MORE 500 in MAY, and the DRIVE event in Nov and maybe a couple other MORE races -----------will keep you up to date
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