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    My really big passion

    This is by far the best opportunity to enter the off road world....don't miss it if you are serious ,it will be the best hands on learning experience you will ever get mentored by some of the sports veterans .....it is a members club, you earn your membership ....be quiet and listen ....you...

    Stephinie Lazano

    I found out today that we lost another great Racer, Stephine Lazano might not be famous, but like the rest of us she was fully invested into racing. I met Stephine Lazano over 30 years ago at the Races ,she had just married Leroy Lazano ,they came with 2 kids Carl and Chris a young family that...

    MORE/SNORE KC HiLiTES Midnight Special

    I would like to Thank the young Lady who broadcast the race on her cell phone on the snore fb page . She was more than pleasant to listen to she obviously has some seat time and her comments were intelligent as were her actions to keep her cell phone cool so she could continue to film...

    Looking for Rental / or racing section opportunity in Baja 500

    About 45 days ago I was responding to this same add, we talked on the phone he seemed to be a nice guy with experience in pavement we talked on the phone a couple of times I also referred him to two other opportunity’s in two other classes I knew of .At that point we discussed a rental...

    Another Racer Dies - Francisco Cervantes "El Zorro"

    GODSPEED ZORO Click on the picture it will open up in another window larger with 2 more pictures of his car

    UTV Class Killing all Noob Classes...What to do?

    Yammaduchi , If you need to use financing for any hobby you are living beyond your means. Forget if its Kartec or a fab shop they are business trying to exist and grow they are not allowed to charge the same interest rate as a lending institution. Are you asked to and honor people wanting you...

    1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun run May 11 th

    Hey Klaus , I was hoping you can keep this in the Desert Forum for a little while as the lets meet up section doesn't see as much action . Looks like a good time. May 11th starts at Hodge road The1985 HDRA Fireworks 250 Fun Run (Full Course 10 am start) 10 AM · Stoddard Valley OHV-Off...

    Post your old race photos!

    Pitting with my homies at the 1993 Baja 500 ,ELTORCO BABY!

    Always on forward facing amber lights should be a rule for all classes. Change my mind.

    My apologies coolerking, when I read a post about a positive move forward and people start talking about flags/pigions and what if, I get tired of people try to resist change in a good direction. I have been racing for 45 years now 31 of them in cars I see new generations of know it all that...

    Always on forward facing amber lights should be a rule for all classes. Change my mind.

    You are trying too hard to argue. Seat time will show you that rear facing lights also have break lights and rear spare tires so you can identify the front from the rear of the vehical . When having 2 drivers on the same course you always have a 50% chance of an accident ,and that...

    Always on forward facing amber lights should be a rule for all classes. Change my mind.

    This is getting STUPID. Any one understands physics? A flag is placed in a pole say ½ pipe the flag can be any size but blowing in the wind it is going to only have a profile / silhouette of ½ inch smaller than a cars A pillar. How dose a driver of a single seat car preforms this stunt? How...

    Danzio Performance engines

    Student, You picked a category that your yogurt eating sandal wearing Prius driving teacher has no clue about other than the size of carbon footprint is going to leave . My senior year high school science paper was written straight out of Dirt Bike magazine word for word. I copied an article...

    So who has the time to write an off road protocol manual?

    DON’T GET IN CARS PREPED BY STRANGERS! This is a touchy subject since 90% of people racing are self-funded and rely on volunteers all with good intentions yet no experience only theory and their prospective of what is correct or available at the time. I have been racing off road for 30 years and...

    So who has the time to write an off road protocol manual?

    DO NOT PUT DUCT TAPE ON YOUR DRIVERS SUIT ! I have been in a car on fire the duct tape was the first thing to start on fire. I learned this from experience and have the scars to prove it ! Ironically the plastic first aid kit also melted on to my back ,during a crash everything gets broken...