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  • Yea me and my brother raced at the MDR night race and we got 3rd place and missed 2nd place by 30 secs! It was an awesome race!
    Thanks. It must be the polish/russian in me. Where is Crandon? I spent a lot of time in Crivitz when I was a kid. Good people come from Wisc.
    New body and other mods for this weekend. My son Chris has been promoted to "Crew Chief".
    I'll be there Friday - Sunday.
    We're looking for some more podium finishes this weekend.
    Pops Supino
    All this stuff on my profile is new in the last two days... Largely thanks to you, Jenn and Xteena, you brough up the new stuff and Xteena and Jenn have been doing cool stuff with it so I took some time to give it a try. Thanks for the compliment, it is still a work in progress, I need to figure out what effects what and so on. I like the color scheme of yours. On the albums, just create one then you have the option to add photos to it 3 at a time. Resize them to 600 max wide before uploading them, it won't accept my high res photos without resizing them first.
    Haven't chatted with you in a while! Hope all is well on your end!~ Make it a great day!

    -- JENN
    We are always friends!!! So whats new(s) these days.
    I just bought some more SLW on the pull back, I thick its way over sold.
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