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  • Hey, it looks like you meant to post those two message on my board but posted them here on your own board. (I've done the same thing a few times myself.) Sorry I didn't see those earlier.

    We should definitely have a conversation about future racing plans. You like Bad to the Bone? I see Mary-Lois and Steve there every once in a while. Let's sit down sometime before the Mint, have some BBQ and talk racing.
    We could definitely use some more crew. If you guys want to come up and help out we'd absolutely love it! That's the great thing about a loop race, for most of the race you can hang out and have fun, and then maybe have a few minutes of work when the truck comes by. (Plus my Dad would definitely appreciate having another familiar face around.)

    If you do end up filming, let me know and I'll see if Jamin is interested in coming and checking out what kinds of things you guys are doing with the cameras (assuming you'd be using Red).
    yeah, I was there from thursday to sunday. bummer about the truck. I have been meaning to talk to you and your dad about your race program and plans for the future. we should have a conversation.
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