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  • I didn't do anything wrong, I was just driving down the street.
    POS went in to limp mode. Screw them, I'm pissed!
    matt ive seen the welds you have done on breens truck and i was wondering if you can give me some mig welding tips
    Yo, watta you guys doin' this weekend? Just sittin at the pool here. I broke the new camaro within 5 **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**in' minutes of getting it. I'm just gonne drink at home now.....:-(
    Uuuuhhh, I was told you liked it that way. Sorry, just tryin' to be a people pleaser.......
    Hey matt quick question on the BMS 97-03 supercrew do you know what the valving was on the bypass and the coilover up front. Just trying to see how it compares to what my setup now is. I would appreciate it. Not really using the truck in the dezert a whole lot yet so just trying to see how far off i am as of right now.
    hey matt, i was wondering if you build bumpers for any other trucks. such as a Dodge Dakota? also, where are you located?
    A girls gotta have her secrets... ;) The classic part is I didn't realize the balls were blue or he was wearing a BMS shirt until I uploaded the pics. CLASSIC! :D:D:D
    Let me know when you open the "Booty Trap", that **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** was comedy!!!!
    Matt is there anyway you can shoot me over a couple of pics of the rear coolers on Travis' truck i am running man similar and not sure which way o run from cooler to cooler Thx Ryan
    you guys going sitll come hang out at ridgecrest even though travis isnt racing or wat?
    Not well haha. My dad hadn't driven lately due to me doing all the driving so he started the race. He started 11th and after lap 2 he was in 3rd. We than let our prep guy, Glen, drive for the first time. When he was in the car the tips of the spark plugs broke off causing the motor to run like **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**. Took a long time to diagnose that problem. After that the ram broke, the front end cracked all the way around and had to be welded. I got in for the 5th lap and lost the altenator right away. O well. We did well at primm and just ran it as is for this race. NOw its ready for a big prep before V2R.
    Hey Matt i need to get a upper arm kit for an 07-08 GMC you gunna hook a brother up
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